What To Purchase For ‘Hard To Buy For’ Teenagers: Gift Cards And More

What To Purchase For ‘Hard To Buy For’ Teenagers: Gift Cards And More

Most of us have at least a few teenagers in our family or circle of friends who we care about and may periodically buy presents for. In fact, between holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other special events, we may need to get presents for teenagers fairly frequently. Unfortunately, teens can be difficult to shop for. We don’t share the same taste in clothing, we may not be familiar with their favorite style of music, and many of the items teens want the most, such as cell phones with added features or complex media systems, are too expensive. There are some presents that are always appreciated by teens, however, if you know what to look for.

Gifting An Experience

Teens are always looking for a new and exciting way to spend their time. If you don’t want to buy a sweater that’s likely to be returned, or something practical but boring, consider providing an experience. For something truly unforgettable, check out websites that offer unique adventures such as a ride in a hot air balloon or a white water rafting trip. They’ll look forward to not only going on their adventure, but telling their friends about it afterward.

The cost of adventure trips through a company specializing in these kinds of activities can be expensive, but they are well worth it because they’re well organized with experienced group leaders. If you want something a bit less adventurous but still of interest to your teen, look around your area. Culinary schools often offer weekend classes for teens who love to cook. If the teen is a sports fan, contact the office of your city’s professional teams and ask if they offer any type of special celebration.

Or you could give them concert tickets or tickets to a theater show. You may even want to include yourself in the ‘experience’. Teens will enjoy having some special time to spend with you, and you can take pictures to give them at the end of the day.

Gift Cards Fit Their Lifestyle

Teens love gift cards, because they give them freedom of choice. They’ll enjoy the act of choosing an item they want and will remember you each time they wear the outfit they chose or listen to their new stereo. The key to successfully giving gift cards to teenagers is to know what they are most interested in and buy gift cards online that will fit those interests. You can now purchase gift cards online for just about any kind of store imaginable.

Gift cards for sporting good stores, electronics suppliers, bookstores, and shoe outlets are all popular options for teens. You favorite niece who loves shoes will appreciate getting a voucher that lets her splurge on a great new pair of leather boots. Your athletic grandson will be thrilled with a card that lets him buy some football or baseball gear. Think about the teen’s interests and buy gift cards online that he or she can redeem for the perfect present. Buying gift cards online will also save you from a long, protracted trip to the mall where you may be overwhelmed by the choices. You can even have the gift card you choose mailed directly to them with your good wishes if you like.

Electronic Media

Teens always seem to be short of money. They can only work part time and usually earn minimum wage, but their taste in clothing, accessories, electronics, and everything else leans toward the expensive end of the spectrum. It’s true that most teens have ‘champagne taste on a beer budget.’ If you’re feeling generous, you could surprise the teen in your life with the gift of a Kindle, a new video game system, or something else they could not afford on their own.

If you want to help them with a special purchase such as a new stereo system or DVD player, consider giving them a card to an electronics store or some other specialty store. You may not be able to give your teen a voucher in the full amount needed, but if you coordinate with friends and family, the value of each gift card will add up quickly. Your teen can use several gift cards together to make a substantial purchase instead of waiting for months to save up enough cash. The key is to communicate clearly and make sure everyone gets gift cards from the same place.

Whether you’re giving your teen a video game, tickets for a concert, or a gift card, if you’ve put some thought into it, the teen in your life will be thrilled with his or her present.
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